So if you read the homepage of this site you would know a little bit about me. This includes knowing that I am a bit of a “basic white girl”. I like to use that term loosely because I just don’t see it. Anyways, this girl loves herself some Starbucks on special occasions. And by special occasions I mean basically every day, multiple times a day. This has been almost an epidemic to me because I spend so much of my hard earned money on this stuff. Plus I just can’t seem to function without it. Whether that’s the Starbucks or the coffee I don’t know.

Why exactly do I drink Starbucks and not anything else? Well, short answer is I’m sponsored. Just kidding, I wish. (Starbucks if you see this please sponsor me). I like them because it’s convenient.

They are basically everywhere. I don’t think I’ve been to a place yet that doesn’t have one. Also they’re always consistent. The coffee I get, the mocha, always tastes the exact same whether I’m in Texas or Virginia. This is the biggest thing. I’ve tried other types and it just doesn’t stay consistent from state to state.


Now why don’t I just make my own? Well, short answer is I’m just lazy. Long answer is, is that I don’t think I’m good at it? It’s either I’m not good at it or it’s the thing where what you make doesn’t taste as good as when someone else makes it. If you don’t know what I mean think of it like this; do you like the sandwiches you make? If not, do you like the sandwiches subway makes? Or someone else you know makes? This is the effect I’m talking about, but with coffee instead. Whenever I’ve tried to make my own coffee it just seems to turn out terrible. I also may or may not know how many beans to put in the filter. But that can’t be it because I’ve tried the premade pod things and I get the same result. And by same result I mean literally the worst coffee I’ve tasted. I think I just about threw up once when I made my own coffee.


All in all, this is why I drink so much Starbucks and why I praise them. I know in the long run it would be so much cheaper to make my own coffee, but I just can’t seem to make that happen.


There’s my little rant about coffee and such. Do you like or hate Starbucks? Let me know how you make your coffee!