So you have an assumption that you may have lice. This may be because your scalp is quite itchy. If that is the case then there is a possibility that you could actually have lice. This is due to an allergic reaction that your body has with the bite from lice. Lice bite you in order to feed on your blood, and this bite, along with the saliva, gives your body an allergic reaction.


Now you may be wondering what exactly are lice. Well, lice are tiny, and I mean tiny, obligate parasites. So you may be wondering what is an obligate parasite. Let me tell you. They’re basically the same as a normal parasite, in the sense that they benefit from the host but the host doesn’t, but they need a host to survive. This host being you, your brother, your child, or any human for that matter. I know it sounds gross, but you can’t really see them so not too bad.


Okay back to the symptoms of lice and such. So if your scalp is itchy there is a good possibility that you may have lice. The first thing that I would suggest is to have someone, a friend or family member, look at videos of lice in the hair. Then have them look in your hair and see if anything is identical to the video. Typically you should look for some type of movement in the hair. Obviously, this isn’t something you want to do outside due to the wind.


Another thing you can look for are lice eggs. Lice eggs are yellow in color and tear drop in shape. They are typically located closer to the scalp, so the thicker the hair the more difficult. Also, make sure that what you see isn’t just dandruff. It should have the texture of rice.


Now if you do have lice you probably want to get rid of it. If you don’t? Well, just get rid of them regardless; they’re gross. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to just get the over the counter lice kit. It’ll come with a lice comb, this will help get all of the eggs out, and a shampoo, this will help kill any lice that are alive. Just follow the instructions on the box and you should be good. However, if you still have them after that please go consult with your family’s physician.


*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Take all of my information with a grain of salt