sinus-infectionWe all know that congested and stuffy feeling; some all too well. Whenever it happens you always wonder if it’s a sinus infection and if you need to see a doctor. I know it all too well, and I’m always hesitating if it’s actually a sinus infection. This is why I always wait way too long to go see my doctor and get it fixed. If you’re like me and you want to know what exactly is happening to you here’s how you’ll know.


If you actually have a sinus infection you’ll experience pain. More specifically, you’ll experience pain below and above your eyes. This is because your sinuses are swollen and filling up the naval cavity. You may also experience pain in your forehead, the sides of your nose, in-between your eyes, and even in the upper parts of your teeth or mouth. This pain could also cause a headache, so if you don’t typically get headaches this could be a good sign you might have a sinus infection.


The next thing you may experience is some type of sinus discharge. This discharge will have you blowing your nose very frequently. It should look something on the greenish-yellow color if you have some sort of sinus infection. Occasionally this discharge may miss your nose and go straight down your throat. This will case you to not be able to taste and smell as you would normally. It also causes your voice to sound kind of stuffy.


If you have a discharge and it starts to go down your throat it may make you cough. This is another sign that you could have one. These coughs typically get worse whenever you lie down and can become quite annoying and loud. To help reduce the frequency and intensity of your cough you can always try laying more up right when you sleep. I know it might be uncomfortable, but at least you’ll get some sleep.


The last thing is if you get some sort of sore throat. The discharge may leave your throat raw and very aching. It will typically start as a small and annoying tickle, but will worse over the days.


Now that you know that you have a sinus infection, or not, do as needed. And by that I mean go see a doctor if you even have the littlest bit of doubt that you have one. You’ll thank me later when you’re feeling better a lot quicker. Hope you all feel better!


*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Take all of my information with a grain of salt