So you kind of have a just of who I am, but nothing that substantial. I guess I think it might be a decent idea for you to have somewhat of an idea of who I am. Obviously, my name is Dana Pretzer. What exactly do I do? I blog! Okay, that can’t be farther from the truth. I mean I do, but just here. What I do career-wise is I’m an interior decorator. I know what you might be thinking. An interior decorator that is trying to tell me about illnesses. I get it. But there’s more to the story.


Back when I was in high school I wanted to be a doctor more than anything. It did everything in order to set myself up to succeed at just that. However, the more and more I learned about it the more I thought otherwise. Again you might be a little confused, but again there’s more to the story. I didn’t want to go through with it because of the schooling. Don’t get me wrong I loved learning about it; that’s why I still learn about it today. However, you have to be in school for way too long. Much longer than my liking. I’d feel like my whole life is on hold.


Let me explain how if works incase you don’t know. You first go to a four-year college of your choosing. That’s four years right there. That’s not too bad. Next, you go onto medical school. Medical school is four years of stress and high competition. So, that’s eight years so far, but that’s not it. You then have to do a residency for about two years. Residencies are different state to state, but two years is a pretty common length. Now we’re at ten years. You see why I wouldn’t want to do that now?


So back to me. Basically what I do is freelance interior decorating. I’m basically my own boss and I’m able to work whatever hours I want. Plus, this is a big plus, I absolutely LOVE it! There’s literally nothing else I’d want to do. Again, don’t get me wrong I love health, medicine, ect, but this is a different type of love. This is the work where I don’t ever feel stressed. Yes, at first it was stressful, but having to manage clients, money, and working is a bit stressful at first. Once you get all of that down it’s a piece of cake.


Last thing, that you already know, is I’m a coffee fiend. I literally, and I mean literally, can never get enough of that brown God. It’s my drug of choice (don’t do drugs kids, please), but seriously I can’t live without it. Before anyone says coffee is disgusting, STOP! I did agree with you at one point, but you kind of grow on it. It gets to a point where it’s just like water for you. You drink it all day everyday and don’t even realize you’re drinking it. That’s an addiction right?


Anyways, I’m rambling, that’s basically everything you should know about me now. Later on I may spill a few more things, but as of right now this is all you need to know. Ask me some questions if you want and I’ll try to answer them soon or later on when I decide you guys deserve to know more about me (just kidding). Last thing. Don’t forget to get your daily dose of caffeine, preferably in coffee form. Thanks!