When it comes to home decorating, I am always trying to find the best, most unique items to help bring originality and style to my home. Just like a lot of other people, I feel that no home decorative theme is complete without the inclusion of some fantastic family portraits hung upon the walls for show. Yet I have always struggled with giving my family portraits the proper showcase that they deserve. If you are anything like me, then you know the struggle very well: you spend hundreds of dollars getting beautiful family pictures done, only to have them end up in a drawer somewhere because you can never find a picture frame that does your stunning photos justice. I have always wanted to keep photos of my kids hanging upon the walls, but I have never been able to find a frame that really draws attention to the focus of the pictures. Most picture frames I come across are just so ornate that they end up pulling all of the attention away from the photo of my kids, an onto themselves. Other frames are just too bulky or tacky and do not match the overall decor and style of my home. I have been struggling to discover the best way to display my beloved family pictures for so long that I had, truly, pretty much given up all hope. So you can imagine just how thrilled and surprised I was when I finally discovered the backlit picture frame.

The backlit picture frame is a truly one of a kind picture displaying experience. There is seriously no other type of product like this out there on the market today. It is completely unique and totally innovative, and I absolutely loved the fact that it was so easy to customize the frame based upon which picture it was showing off. I first came across the backlit picture frame on New Light Portrait’s website. New Light Portrait is an awesome, family oriented business run by an ordinary and easy to relate to guy named Joe Brychell. Brychell first came up for the idea of an LED backlit picture frame when he was struggling to properly display his own family photos. When he realized how incredible the backlit picture frame really was, he just knew he had to share it with the rest of the world- and I am so so glad that he did!!!


The reason that I love my so much is that it really brings my family photograph to life. Brychell’s patented LED edge lit frame highlights the main focus of my beautiful family picture, and makes the picture look so crisp, well defined, and impressively life like! I have seriously never seen anything like the backlit picture frame before: my family photo looks as if it is jumping off of the page!

Finding the backlit picture frame that is just right for you is so simple that you will be shocked you haven’t done it sooner. New Light Portrait offers such a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of frames, that you will definitely be able to find the backlit picture frame that you need in order to make your photographs look their best. Another awesome part about these cool backlit picture frames? Unlike most frames, which wear out within just a few years, New Light Portrait’s backlit picture frames stay beautiful for up over ten years- that is over one hundred thousand hours of continuous, beautiful focus on your most treasured photographs! Talk about getting the most out of your money.

Before I discovered New Light Portrait’s backlit picture frame, I was at such an awful point in my home decoration. I just did not know how to give my family photographs the focus I knew they deserved amidst rooms full of other art work and lots of decorative furniture. Discovering the backlit picture frame has truly changed my life. Whenever I have people over, they always comment on how beautiful and life like my family portrait is. They tend to ask me if I had the photographer do some sort of special editing or something, to make my photos look extra crisp, focused, and bright. I smile and laugh and immediately tell them that no, it’s not photography editing- it is the magic of the backlit picture frame!