How to know if you have acid reflux

fatty-foodsYou may think that since most people will have some sort of acid reflux in their lifetime that it would be pretty easy to uncover if you have it. Wrong! I know you may not think that it’s that big of a deal, but it is! Untreated, acid reflux could lead to Barrett’s esophagus, which is almost if not as bad as cancer. I don’t want you to get it and I know you don’t either. So, you may be wondering “Dana, how do I know if I have acid reflux?”. Glad you asked. Here are the tell-tell signs that you have acid reflux.

Chest pain

You may experience some sort of chest pain that is quite uncomfortable or the worst pain in your life that you think you’re having a heart attack. Both are very possible if you have some sort of heartburn or acid reflux. This is because your stomach acid is splashing up into your esophagus. Doesn’t sound that great, does it? That’s because it’s acid going into your esophagus. Please don’t take this lightly and go see your doctor.

Your pain gets worse when you lay down

You may be having some sort of chest pain as we mentioned before and decided to lay down. You hopes might have been that the pain would lessen, but if it gets worse then you have a very high chance of having acid reflux. The worsening of the pain is due to the fact that your stomach acid will go more towards your esophagus and cause more pain.

Post-meal pain

You just ate a big meal. It was delicious and you feel quite satisfied. Well, that was until you started to experience some severe pain. This could be due to the simple fact that when you eat a big meal and your stomach starts to get filled there’s only one way for the food to go. That one way is up and that means heartburn. The easiest way to prevent this is to eat smaller meals and eat less greasy or fatty foods. Plus, this will just help your overall health

Bitter taste in your mouth

Sometimes when you have acid reflux you’ll receiver a bitter taste in your mouth. This is from your stomach acid and is quite unpleasant. This will especially happen at night due to gravity and your stomach acid going towards your mouth. The bitter taste can get worse then just a taste. There’s a possibility of chocking in severe cases. As before, you should see your doctor if you notice this as well.

Sore throat

A sore throat is a classic when it comes to knowing if you have acid reflux. As you might have guessed, it’s due to the same thing as the others. Your stomach acid is the culprit. This tends to happen after meals and can be unpleasant.


Chronic coughing is quite regular in people who have heartburn. This happens because your stomach acid may be getting into your lungs, causing you to cough. This can also give you some sort of breathing difficulties after eating. If this occurs see your doctor to get a pH test to see what exactly is going on.


If you experience any of these things you could possible have heartburn or acid reflux. If you suspect you do please go see your doctor to see what the problem is and how you can help prevent or treat it. If you do, I hope the best and that you can find the root and get it resolved.


How to know if you have a sinus infection

sinus-infectionWe all know that congested and stuffy feeling; some all too well. Whenever it happens you always wonder if it’s a sinus infection and if you need to see a doctor. I know it all too well, and I’m always hesitating if it’s actually a sinus infection. This is why I always wait way too long to go see my doctor and get it fixed. If you’re like me and you want to know what exactly is happening to you here’s how you’ll know.


If you actually have a sinus infection you’ll experience pain. More specifically, you’ll experience pain below and above your eyes. This is because your sinuses are swollen and filling up the naval cavity. You may also experience pain in your forehead, the sides of your nose, in-between your eyes, and even in the upper parts of your teeth or mouth. This pain could also cause a headache, so if you don’t typically get headaches this could be a good sign you might have a sinus infection.


The next thing you may experience is some type of sinus discharge. This discharge will have you blowing your nose very frequently. It should look something on the greenish-yellow color if you have some sort of sinus infection. Occasionally this discharge may miss your nose and go straight down your throat. This will case you to not be able to taste and smell as you would normally. It also causes your voice to sound kind of stuffy.


If you have a discharge and it starts to go down your throat it may make you cough. This is another sign that you could have one. These coughs typically get worse whenever you lie down and can become quite annoying and loud. To help reduce the frequency and intensity of your cough you can always try laying more up right when you sleep. I know it might be uncomfortable, but at least you’ll get some sleep.


The last thing is if you get some sort of sore throat. The discharge may leave your throat raw and very aching. It will typically start as a small and annoying tickle, but will worse over the days.


Now that you know that you have a sinus infection, or not, do as needed. And by that I mean go see a doctor if you even have the littlest bit of doubt that you have one. You’ll thank me later when you’re feeling better a lot quicker. Hope you all feel better!


*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Take all of my information with a grain of salt

How to know if you have lice

So you have an assumption that you may have lice. This may be because your scalp is quite itchy. If that is the case then there is a possibility that you could actually have lice. This is due to an allergic reaction that your body has with the bite from lice. Lice bite you in order to feed on your blood, and this bite, along with the saliva, gives your body an allergic reaction.


Now you may be wondering what exactly are lice. Well, lice are tiny, and I mean tiny, obligate parasites. So you may be wondering what is an obligate parasite. Let me tell you. They’re basically the same as a normal parasite, in the sense that they benefit from the host but the host doesn’t, but they need a host to survive. This host being you, your brother, your child, or any human for that matter. I know it sounds gross, but you can’t really see them so not too bad.


Okay back to the symptoms of lice and such. So if your scalp is itchy there is a good possibility that you may have lice. The first thing that I would suggest is to have someone, a friend or family member, look at videos of lice in the hair. Then have them look in your hair and see if anything is identical to the video. Typically you should look for some type of movement in the hair. Obviously, this isn’t something you want to do outside due to the wind.


Another thing you can look for are lice eggs. Lice eggs are yellow in color and tear drop in shape. They are typically located closer to the scalp, so the thicker the hair the more difficult. Also, make sure that what you see isn’t just dandruff. It should have the texture of rice.


Now if you do have lice you probably want to get rid of it. If you don’t? Well, just get rid of them regardless; they’re gross. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to just get the over the counter lice kit. It’ll come with a lice comb, this will help get all of the eggs out, and a shampoo, this will help kill any lice that are alive. Just follow the instructions on the box and you should be good. However, if you still have them after that please go consult with your family’s physician.


*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Take all of my information with a grain of salt

How to know if you have the flu

We all get it one time or another. You start to feel a little under the weather during flu season and you hope for the best. You hope that your flu shot will help and your immune system will fight off the virus. As much as we want this to be true it may not be, and because of that you should know if you have any flu symptoms. That way you don’t have to waste a trip to your general physician. Unless you’re like me and you enjoy your trip there.


Common symptoms if you have the flu


Influenza A, B, and C are the three different types of the virus you may contract, due to them being the seasonal ones.


If you are feeling feverish or have a fever that is above 100 degrees you could have the flu since this is one of the key symptoms. However, just because you have a high fever does not always mean you have the flu.


  • If you are having headaches or any type of body aches
  • Vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea are not all just uncomfortable they are also key symptoms for the flu; especially in kids
  • If you feel like you have a sore throat or have an uncomfortable cough
  • You feel as though your body has the chills
  • You’re congested or have a runny nose


However, if you’re trying to differentiate if you have a bad cold or the flu remember this. You typically won’t have a very high fever if you just have a bad cold. This is why a fever is one of the key factors.


You realize you have the flu. What now?


It has been noted, and this is by the experts, that if you have the flu you actually do not need to seek any type of medical help. I know it sounds strange because the flu can get so severe, but this is from the experts! That being said here are some symptoms that you may make you need medical attention, immediately.


  • You start to have difficulty breathing or are having some sort of shortness of breath
  • You start to have some pain or soreness in your abdomen
  • You realize you’re not drinking enough fluids
  • You sudden get dizzy
  • You have server vomit or you cannot stop vomiting
  • You feel confused


Now what exactly should you do? First things first, you should make sure you try to stay home and away from others to prevent transmitting it to others. You should also get some over the counter drugs, such as Tylenol, to help reduce your fever. Also, if you have any antiviral drugs, your physician can prescribe these, this would help you feel a lot better. However, you typically only get prescribed these if you’re at higher risk for getting the flu.


How do I prevent myself from getting the flu?


The only proven way, besides being secluded from everyone, is to get a flu vaccine. Even if you hate needles, like I do, it’s much better than getting the flu by a long shot. What the vaccine does is it gives your body a very weak version of the virus to give your body the opportunity to build antibodies. This allows your body to be more prepared incase you are to get infected with the flu.


Also, last thing and something you should always be doing, using hand sanitizer and just washing your hands in general can help decrease your chances by up to 60%. I know it sounds so easy, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this.



*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Take all of my information with a grain of salt

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